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Solano County Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing The Right Lawyer If You Have Been Hurt

Whether you have recently experienced an auto accident or you have suffered elder abuse or neglect at a nursing home, your choice of attorney to represent you is critical to the outcome of your case. Many of the people who come into my office just want to make sure they do not get hurt worse than they already are. They want a lawyer who will represent them as a strong advocate for their case.

At the Law Office of Gregory J. Jansen, I take great pride in representing my clients' interests and giving my clients the peace of mind they need. I handle all of my cases on a contingency basis, which means that I will not charge you anything at the beginning of your case, and the attorney fees that you will pay at the end of the case will be determined by a percentage of what I won for you. In short, you will not pay any attorney fees unless I win.

Compassionate Representation Without Pressure

I treat people the way I want to be treated. When you come into my office for your free initial consultation, I will not push you to hire me or even to pursue a personal injury claim at all. I want you to have the time you need to consider your options and to make the choices that are best for you. A personal injury claim is a major decision, one that you should be free to make without being pressured from your attorney.

Helping You Reach Your Goals

When you work with me, I never forget that it is your case. I am the attorney: I am there to help you make informed decisions and to advocate for your objectives; but it is your case, and you are the one who gets to decide how your legal matters are handled. Whether you want me to pursue a quick settlement option so that you can move on with your life or you want me to fight for as long as it takes in court, I am prepared to represent you.

Handling A Range Of Personal Injury Matters

At the Law Office of Gregory J. Jansen, I focus most of my legal practice on nursing home abuse and auto accident cases. I also handle other personal injury matters for clients in Solano County and throughout the Central Valley area of California.

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To speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in California, call my office at 707-639-8977 or contact me online.

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