Were You Seriously Hurt In A Premises Liability Accident?

Accidents at a place of business or another person's residence happen almost every day in California. Property owners owe you a duty of care each time you visit their establishment or home. Their failure to take action upon notice of an unsafe condition may allow you to bring claims for compensation if you are seriously injured while on the premises.

These cases are often very difficult, as many of the defective conditions present at the time of the accident are quickly repaired soon after the incident happens. You need an experienced lawyer on your side in order to hold property owners and their insurance companies responsible for your injuries. At the Law Office of Gregory J. Jansen, in Fairfield, we have more than 15 years of hands-on experience helping people throughout Solano County with their personal injury claims.

Handling A Host Of Different Premises Liability Claims

We take a team approach to each and every premises liability claim at our firm. We ask questions about what happened to you, to learn more about the specific facts of your claim. We explain your options and discuss what we think we can do to help you throughout your case. We handle a number of different premises liability matters, including:

  • Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents
  • Accidents occurring in a malfunctioning elevator or escalator, or stairwell in need of repair
  • Accidents caused by insufficiently maintained sidewalks or parking lots on private and commercial properties
  • Injuries resulting from negligent security personnel
  • Injuries caused by dog bites, such as possible permanent scarring or disfigurement

We are not a law firm that makes false promises just to get you to sign on as a client. We are extremely selective about the cases we handle, because we are truly committed to putting your needs first. We want you to be able to talk directly with your attorney when you have questions or concerns at any time throughout the process.

At our firm, we treat people like we would want to be treated. We feel strongly about our role as your guide through the process. You are the one who will make the decisions about your case. It is our job to inform you of the best strategy to pursue to help you obtain your goals.

Providing You With Peace Of Mind Throughout Your Case

To meet with an experienced attorney to discuss your case, call our law firm at 707-639-8977 or send an email for your free consultation.