Motor Vehicle Accident FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about the personal injury and motor vehicle accident practice areas that we encounter frequently from clients at the Law Office of Gregory J. Jansen in Fairfield. We wanted you to have some background about accident claims so that you know what to expect when reaching out to us.

What is the first thing I should do after an accident?

The very first step to take after an accident is to seek medical attention if you are seriously injured. If you have suffered minor injuries or emerge from the crash without injury, you should still see your doctor to determine if you have any internal injuries connected to the accident. Please see our "After The Accident" page for more details about what to do in the event of a traffic collision.

When should I consult an experienced attorney?

There is a limited amount of time to bring your accident claim. If you wait too long after the incident, you may be unable to bring your case forward. Ideally, you should come in and talk to us as soon as possible after the crash.

The reason for this is that the insurance companies have already started working on your case. They are going to make you offers and engage you in discussions about your case, and you need to be sure that you are protected during these discussions. The wrong statement could cause significant financial harm when it comes to the potential value of your claim.

Should I negotiate with insurance companies?

Insurers only care about their bottom line. They want to settle on their terms. They may seem concerned about you, but they would like your case to go away with as little of an impact as possible. You should not trust them to be advocates for your interests, as even your own insurance company is more concerned with protecting their profit margins. You need an experienced lawyer on your side.

Are you able to tell what my case is worth?

The value of your claim will depend on many different factors. The type of injuries you suffered, the damage to your vehicle, the insurance coverage of the drivers involved as well as the recovery of others in similar accidents in Solano County and throughout California can all have an impact upon what you are able to receive for your case. We can walk you through what we think might be possible once we have the chance to meet to discuss your case.

I would like to pursue a personal injury claim, but I'm concerned about what your representation would cost.

In all personal injury cases that we handle at our firm, our services are provided based on contingency fees. This means that there are no attorney's fees unless we recover compensation for you from the opposing parties. We will explain how this works in greater detail during our initial consultation.

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